Thursday, May 10, 2007


Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter Friday in Riverview

Haven't updated the blog lately.. here are some pics of what we did Friday night @ my parents.. more to come of other random activities lately, soon...

Jon.. posing?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A few picture updates

Jon and Pierre watching the eclipse with the new telescope!

Ohhhhh... the view from the telescope!

Only Pierre can find a way to Sunbathe in March in New Brunswick.
Pierre and his best friend, Rookie :)

Just lazin' around....
The Captain's clean home :)
"You looking at me?!"

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bo's 25th Bday Party

Last night a bunch of us all went to McGinnis's for supper, then off to Nav's for "a few" drinks. Took a bunch of pics with the new camera.
Note: As stated above, this is a 'new' camera, therefor I was not familiar with the settings and this was pretty much the first time I really used it, hense the reason why everyone has red eye - I forgot (actually, didnt know it was there) to turn the 'red eye reduction' setting on. Ooops!

Jon, just getting back from bal hockey, napping on the floor before the big night.

April, sitting in my bathroom, watching me as I get ready... look at the love and admitation in her eyes ;)

One end of the supper table... looking good girls!(And Ian :)

The other end of the table....

Ian and MC

Jenn and Richard

April and Spaz

My little cake : ) YUM!

Richard started it ....

Mike and Brigitte @ Nav's

Yay Ken!

It's... LEE!

My cousin Jolene

Awwww... we are so cute... oh yeah, and then there is Lee...

And here we are again... almost time to go home to.... (see below)


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Bobbi-Jo's 25th Birthday Celebration #1 !!!!

Yes, in less than a week I will be turning a quarter of a century old!!! Woohoo!!! : )
Slowly catching up to Jon.. haha.. but not really...
We had a little bday party celebration tonight with my family...
Note: We missed you tonight April - we played BINGO!

Pierre taking a nap for the party (we didnt have the heart to tell him that he
wasnt invited to this one...)

Our other 'son' also up and ready for the party... again, not invited...

Jon comforting Pierre after we told him that he couldnt come to the party :(

Getting ready to blow out the candles after a declicous meal! YUM YUM!

Me and my 2 favourite guys... Shane and Jon :)

What is a party without party games! We all played a few games of bingo - and there
were prizes!!! WOOT!!!

Me and Shaner

My aunt opening up some gifts - it was her birthday as well :)

WOOHOO I love to gamble!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Honeymoon Cruise 2007!

We are back!!! Our Cruise honeymoon was AWESOME!!!! It was the best time ever - even though I was sick a day and we didnt dock in Grand Cayman's - it was still an amazing time!
Here are some pics of our travels....
Warning: Bobbi-Jo does have very curly hair, therefore extreme heat does not help with the mess it can become.

Our hotel in Miami

The pool bar in Miami

Still part of the Hilton in Miami

Nelson and I - Miami

Cortes and I - Miami

Hilton room view

Happy Honeymoon decorations #1 - thanks mom and dad! :)

Happy Honeymoon decorations #2

Me, enjoying our first "drink special of the day".

Very early in the morning, heading up to catch the sunrise...

The sunrise... somewhere at sea... on our way to Cozumel Mexico

Night #2 - Each night they come into your room at some point and turn down your
bed... and make a little "towel animal" for you to enjoy....

The dock in Mexico - Please note the 3 sleeping Mexicans, obviously
very excited for our arrival...

A little tired, but all set to go swimming with the dolphins!

Me, really having to use the Benos!

Me and the dolphin....

Aweeeee... isnt that cute.....

Mexican horse

Our cruise ship - The Carnival Triumph

Night # 3 Towel animal

Our little drinking friend.. he started speaking towards the end of the night...

Jon and Bob in harmony... (Jamaica)


Our daily "Fun Day at Sea" band : )

One of the pool/hottub areas on the ship

Our last night on the ship, heading to the casino so I could play
Black Jack! (my new favorite addiction)

Looking down from the picture above, here is one of the MANY many bars
on the ship

Me and 'Funship Freddie'

And the Black Jack winner is..... ME!

Our last night on board.....

The End!